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Wheel spacers are Safe

Posted by on 8/18/2016 to Wheel Spacers
Wheel spacers are Safe
Wheel spacers are metal discs of varying thickness that go over your hub to help push your wheels out farther. They give your vehicle a more aggressive look as the wheels are pushed out closer the fender. But there are some people who won’t buy wheels spacers because they think they are not safe. 

Are Wheel Spacers Safe?

Simply put, yes, wheels spacers are safe. Quality wheel spacers are made of materials that are as strong, if not stronger, than the wheels and hub. So there is little risk of wheel spacer failure. Now, wheel spacers do change the geometry of your suspension parts and so must be sized and installed properly. Wheel spacers are also safe for daily driving, four-wheeling and car shows as well. 

Keep This in Mind

  • In addition to quality wheel spacers, make sure extended studs and lug bolts are high in quality.
  • Pushing your wheels out changes suspension geometry, stress on the wheels and steering,  so don’t get spacers that push your wheels out too much. More isn't necessarily better.
  • Inspect all of your wheel components on a regular basis, looking for cracks or other signs of wear. Change out any wheel component you think is damaged or otherwise failing.
  • Use hub centric spacers and make sure they are the proper size you need.

Dangers to Avoid

If your bolts or studs aren’t long enough, it might not leave enough threading to properly affix the wheels. If the lug nuts cannot be properly tightened, there is a risk of losing a wheel. 

Buying cheaply made wheel spacers is not a bright idea as these can crack or break. Stick to the quality spacers.
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