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Wheel Spacers, or Wheel Adapters, are Used to Make Your Car Even Better Looking

Posted by on 3/31/2016 to Wheel Spacers
In the custom car community, wheel spacers, or wheel adapters, are used to make your car even better looking. They offer the option of widening the wheelbase of your ride, which changes both the look and the way your car handles. Adding wheel spacers to your car will give it a more aggressive look by forcing the wheels to stick out farther, making it look more sporty. In addition to changing the look of your car, wheel spacers cause a wider distance between your tires, which just happens to increase handling. 

Wheel spacers are made from a variety of materials including aluminum and steel. But regardless the materials, all wheel spacers are installed the same way, placed between the wheel hub and the wheel. Installation is relatively easy, just make sure you buy the right wheel adapters for your car.

Before ordering a set of wheel spacers, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You need to pay close attention to the bolt pattern of your wheels. Car manufacturers use various numbers and bolt patterns when they are designing wheels. So you need to check these numbers and bolt patterns and compare it to the spacers you need to buy. 

It is also critical that you measure the distance between your wheel and the fender. Installing wheel spacers will change this distance and you will want to ensure you have enough room lest your wheels scrape your fenders. 

Installing wheel spacers will give your car a sporty look and better handling, but make sure you order the right size and check wheel to fender spacing first.  
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