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Wheel Spacers and the History of the Chevy Nova

Posted by on 7/29/2016 to Wheel Spacers
From its humble beginnings as an economical small car to its rise as one of the kings of the muscle cars in its era, the Chevy Nova has been a favorite of many. If you plan on mounting some wheel spacers on your Chevy Nova, you might want to read up on the history of this very fine car. 

The Beginning

In 1960, Chevrolet lost some of their share of the compact market to rival Ford. So the engineers went back to the proverbial drawing board and began working on a compact car that would please the masses. In 1962, their vision of a car that was both economical and desirable rolled off the production line in the form of the Chevy II Nova.  

Even though there was a fairly short time between the original idea and the product launch, the Chevy II Nova didn't lack options as it was available in five different styles and three different series. These options were part of the reason the Chevy II Nova was a serious contender in the market. 

One of the biggest sellers was the 400 series convertible, which was priced very reasonably. Adjusted for inflation, the Chevy II Nova 400 series convertible would cost around $23,000 today.  

The Super Sport

In 1963, the Chevy II Nova SS hit the streets with 194 cubic inch engine which is considered small by muscle car buffs but was respectable at the time. This would also mark the last year the convertible was made, making it a much sought after car today.

Enter the V8

In 1964, you had the option of buying the Chevy II Nova with a V8 engine. The 283 engine boasted 195 horsepower, which is impressive in a lightweight car. Even by today’s standards, the 1964 Chevy II Nova was a beast.

327 V8

The Chevy II Nova got a little boost in 1965 with the introduction of the 327 V8 offering a healthy dose of 300 horsepower. The nova was now holding steady ground with the Mustang and GTO on the track. 


The Chevy II Nova was revamped in 1966 and sported what we can best describe as a “fastback” shape with a styled grill and tapered trunk. Additional cosmetic changes were made in 1967.


The 1969 Chevy Nova took on some very noticeable changes. First, Chevy dropped the Chevy II from the prefix and styled the Nova to look more like Camaro. Additionally, Chevy included a big block engine option, the 375 horsepower 396. 


The 1970s marked the decline of the once mighty Chevy Nova, the last hoorah would be the introduction of the Rally Sport in 1971.

If you own a Chevy Nova, take care of it, honor its heritage and give it an aggressive look with a set of wheel adapters.  
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