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Our Wheel Spacers Will Give Your Truck a Better Look, a More Aggressive Look

Posted by on 8/10/2016 to Wheel Spacers
Our Wheel Spacers Will Give Your Truck a Better Look, a More Aggressive Look
Let’s face it, there really is no practical reason to customize the look of your pickup truck, you do it simply because you want to and it makes you happy. For the most part, the factory does a pretty good job in making a truck look good. But the reason you are reading this post is because, for some reason or another, you are not entirely happy with your truck. We get that, that’s why we sell wheel adapters, because we like our vehicles to look edgy. 

Our wheel spacers will give your truck a better look, a more aggressive look. But you might be thinking, “the wheel spacers are cool, but my truck needs more!” If these are the words you are hearing in your head, here are a few added customizations you can do to your truck.

Flipped Tailgate Handle

This is pretty common, but still real cool. You simply move the tailgate handle from the outside of the tailgate to the inside. Now, you have extra space on the outside of your tailgate for cool graphics or a gnarly paint job. Also, you can laugh at those who try to open the tailgate and realize there is no external handle.

LED Lighting everywhere

LED lights are real cool because they come in many colors, offer varying degrees of brightness and are very small. But you don’t want to limit lighting effects to just external locations, set some of your LED lights in the interior and watch your truck go from “wow” to “WOW.” 

Turn Truck Bed into Audio Powerhouse

Forget those small speakers that produce great sound, head to your local pawn shop and buy a set of monster speakers from the 1980s and have them mounted in your truck bed. Just imagine the heads that will turn when you drive down the strip.

Airbrushed Engine Cover

Pop off your engine cover and have a creative artist paint something real cool on it, then replace the cover. You can go with something cheesy like flames or you could get creative with your engine cover and come up with a cool design or concept. 

In-Dash Computer

Forget the stock stereo system in your truck and have an in-dash computer installed. These tablets can be used to watch movies, play games and post Instagram pics, just don’t do so while you are driving. This is a practical move as well as computers can also serve as your truck’s data port so you can get real-time fuel consumption data, engine variables and tire pressure.
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