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Hub-centric Spacers vs. Universal Spacers

Posted by on 7/21/2015 to Wheel Spacers
The most immediate difference between a hub-centric spacer and a universal spacer is how it sits on your vehicle's hub.

Lets start with the universal spacer. As you can see in the image below, a universal spacer does not center on the hub (notice the spacer does not fit snug on the bolts). This can cause the spacer to rotate unevenly during driving, which can cause steering wheel vibrations. However, there are some benefits to universal spacers. For instance, they are significantly thinner than the smallest hub-centric adapters. If you don't want to add additional width to your vehicle, a universal spacer may be your solution.


Let's take a look at how a Hub-centric wheel spacer sits on the hub.
As you can see the spacer fits on the hub's bolts much more precisely. This will prevent steering wheel vibration and give your vehicle a better stance.

If you have any questions about hub-centric spacer fitment for you car, truck, or van, we're happy to assist you over the phone or by email.

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