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8 lug bolt patterns

Universal Wheel Spacers 8 Lug Wheel

For years, 8-Lug bolt patterns where only seen on monstrous diesel trucks, however today you can still find various manufacturers using the 8-Lug Pattern on their larger models. If you have a car, truck, SUV or off-road vehicle with 8-Lug Wheels, you can still use a Universal Wheel Spacer on your ride.

Wheel Spacers work by adding clearance between your wheel and factory brake parts. The spacers also create an amazing look that brings your wheels closer to the fender for a flush stance. Plus, our Wheel Spacer Kits free up room by the inner fender wall, which is vital for off-roaders with bigger tires. Our Wheel Spacer Kits are a cinch to install. If you have a jack, jackstands and a lug wrench, you can install them in minutes. Simply remove your wheel, place the spacer on your factory hub, and then reinstall your wheel and torque down all lug nuts to manufacturer’s specifications.

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