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6 Lug Wheel Adapters

Billet Wheel Adapters: 6 Lug Wheel

Whether you are an off-roader looking for a little extra clearance or if you want to convert the lug pattern on your daily driver, our Billet Wheel Adapters can help. Each one of our T6 6061 Billet Aluminum Adapters are engineered to increase the space for your wheels and tires to enhance performance and provide a cleaner look for your vehicle. Plus, our Wheel Adapters are the quickest and easiest way to safely change the lug pattern on your automobile.

Available in different thicknesses, our Billet Wheel Adapters can change the current lug pattern of your vehicle to something different. This means that you can install a much wider range of wheels for your ride. Plus, the thickness from the Adapters makes them double as Wheel Spacers, which creates a flush look with your wheels and fenders. Most of our Wheel Adapters are available in 1’’ – 3’’.

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