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5 Lug Wheel Adapters

Billet Wheel Adapters: 5 Lug Wheel

Billet Wheel Adapters: 5 Lug WheelAsk any wheel or tire expert, five-lug wheels are more common than any other number of lug patterns. However, just because each of your vehicle’s wheels has 5 Lug Nuts, it doesn't mean that any wheel with 5 Bolt Holes will fit your vehicle. Luckily, our Billet Wheel Adapters were created for you to use a wide variety of wheels with a 5 Lug Bolt Pattern by converting it with our Adapters.

Billet Wheel Adapters literally change your vehicle’s lug pattern so that you can use (nearly) any wheel you want. To install, simply remove your wheels, place the Adapter on your OEM Lug Bolts, tighten down with Lug Nuts and then secure your wheel to the Adapter as your normally would your factory hub – It’s as easy as that!

In addition to changing your vehicle’s lug pattern, our Billet Wheel Adapters work as Wheel Spacers, too. Each kit is available in different thicknesses (between 1” and 3’’) and can dramatically enhance the appearance over your vehicle. By increasing the width of your vehicle’s stance you can improve handling and cool brakes more effectively. The increased camber allows for more grip while turning at higher speeds.

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