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4 Lug Wheel Adapters

Billet Wheel Adapters: 4 Lug Wheels

Billet Wheel Adapters: 4 Lug WheelsBillet Wheel Adapters are the only way to safely convert your lug pattern without completely swapping out your vehicle’s hub and doing a full brake conversion. Most enthusiasts require Billet Wheel Adapters to install wheels with a different lug pattern than their cars came with originally. In addition to changing your vehicle’s lug pattern, our adapters as used as spacers, too. By providing 1-2’’ of space between your vehicle’s hub and wheels, you can seriously enhance the style of your ride.

Billet Wheel Spacers create an aggressive stance and increased handling for most vehicles. By increasing the camber and providing greater width to your automobile, Wheel Spacers can improve your vehicle’s turning abilities at higher speeds. Plus, the added clearance from brakes and inner fenders cools brakes more efficiently. Each Kit comes with two (2) Adapters and Lug Nuts, so if you need to adjust all four wheels, be sure to purchase four (4) Adapters!

Here is a quick conversion for you, too:

  • 4x100 same as 4x3.93
  • 4x108 same as 4x4.25
  • 4x114.3 same as 4x4.50
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