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4 Reasons Truck Aficionados Love Wheel Spacers

Posted by on 5/6/2016 to Wheel Spacers

If nothing gets your motor running like a big, burly truck barreling down the highway, you're our type of driver. Many people dream of owning the perfect truck their entire lives. 

Ask them, and they'll be able to tell you the exact year, make, and model of the truck they want. They know all the stats about engine size and torque, and can tell you exactly which celebrities own the same truck. Once you finally find this truck in real life and make it yours, you might be surprised at how quickly you see room for improvement. On simple improvement you may want to consider are spacers. Wheel spacers are an easy and affordable way to make your perfect truck look even more fly. 

Keep reading to find out four reasons why truck aficionados love our wheel spacers and adapters!


Many people see their truck as an extension of themselves. Just like the clothes they wear and the music they listen to on the radio, their vehicle is a form of self-expression that lets them show off their personal style to the world. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, wheel spacers can help. By pushing the wheels further out from the vehicle's frame, the entire stance of the truck becomes more aggressive. 


Wheel spacers and adapters aren’t just about looks, however. In many cases, they’re necessary in order to make your truck work correctly with other aftermarket modifications. If you’ve added a big brake kit onto your truck, you may have realized that the spokes on your wheels have a tendency to scrape the calipers of your new brakes. Unless you really want to ruin them, and risk causing damage to the rest of your truck in the process, it’s important to use wheel spacers to fix this problem. Our wheel spacers will enable you to push the wheel spokes away from the caliper so scraping is no longer a problem.


Have you ever been at an automotive swap meet and laid eyes on a gorgeous set of wheels? You didn’t bother taking the time to measure them or determine compatibility because, let’s be serious: they were beautiful wheels at a bargain price. Who has time to do homework in a situation like that?! Then, when you got them home, you realized that your new set of wheels didn’t have the correct offset for your truck. If you try to put them on, you’re likely to discover that the offset is too high, pushing the wheels too far inside the wheel well. 

Don’t panic! With our wheel spacers you can correct this ugly, and quite frankly, newbie mistake. Wheel spacers will push the wheels back out, correcting the offset created by your aftermarket wheels.


Do you sometimes feel like your big truck is a little unstable? Maybe your girlfriend doesn’t like you to take corners too fast, because she feels like the whole vehicle is going to tip over. With a new set of wheel spacers, you can correct this problem quickly and easily. Using spacers to expand your wheelbase has the same effect as adding wider wheels but without the extra cost and weight.

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