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3 Ways To Measure Your BMW Wheel Gap For Rim Spacers

Posted by on 5/9/2016 to Wheel Spacers
As we've mentioned in previous posts, wheel spacers can make your car look even better than it already does. If you drive a BMW, you're in luck because Spacer Adapters carries a full selection of wheel spacers designed specifically for your automobile. 

It's important to know the exact size you need before ordering spacers for rims. If you don't, you could find yourself locked in a vicious cycle of ordering and returning until you find the right size. So how exactly does one measure a BMW wheel gap for rim spacers? 

Spacer Adapters scoured dozens of forums on the internet to see what the most experienced experts had to say about choosing the right spacers for your wheels. Below are the three ways that received the most recommendations. Use whichever one is easiest for you, then place your order for new rim spacers today! 

Tape Measure 

Yes, in today’s world of “digital this” and “smart that” we’re recommending that you pull out a good old fashioned tape measure to determine the appropriate size rip spacer for your BMW. With all four wheels safely on the ground, attach a piece of masking tape vertically from the car’s fender. Then, dig around in your ashtray or seat cushions for a quarter or a nickel. When you find one, attach it to the end of the tape so it hangs down perfectly straight. Finally, use the tape measure to determine the distance from the edge of the masking tape to the outside edge of your tire. Even though it seems silly, this method of measurement will allow you to know exactly how much space there is between the edge of the tire and the edge of your fender lip. You’ll want to choose a rim spacer that’s slightly less than this total distance so the tire won’t rub on the lip of the fender while you’re driving. 

Wheel Studs And Washers 

Don’t have a tape measure or any masking tape? No worries, we’ve got another easy way for you to size your BMW for rim spacers. For this method, you’ll need two wheel studs. After removing your wheel and the bolts, the studs must be threaded into the hub. Then, slide a washer or two down the stud until it makes contact with the hub. Finally, slide the wheel over the studs. You’ll probably find that it makes contact with the caliper or suspension. If so, add more washers until no contact is made. Measure the thickness of the stack of washers that give you the desired clearance. This should be the minimum size of any spacer you purchase. 

BMW Wheel Pin And Washers 

This is another modification of the measurement method above, applicable only to BMWs. It comes to us from "If wheel studs are not available to you, you can use the factory BMW wheel pin tool in your tool kit. More than one pin is recommended. This method does not allow you to set the car on the ground as the wheel pin will not support the weight of the car and there is no way to fasten the wheel to the hub. Don't even try it! Remove your wheel from the car. Insert the pins into the hub. Slide M12 sized washers onto the pin down to the hub. Slide your wheel onto the pins until it contacts the caliper, suspension, etc...Add washers until the wheel sufficiently clears. The thickness of your stack of washers is the size of your spacer." 

 Do you have more questions about how to find the right rim spacers for your BMW? Contact Spacer Adapters today!
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